Plotter Art

Last updated: August 20th, 2020

Under construction: This is where I'll be dumping art drawn with my pen plotter! Everything here is drawn with an AxiDraw v3, usually with either a Sakura Gelly Roll pen (white) or a Pentel 0.05 Pointliner (black).


October 2020

made with 1 line

a dime a dozen

August 2020

Doughnuts? Bagels? Loopy churros? Regardless, the 12 ringy thingy’s pictured here are variations of the same base torus and using the same 4D noise space, with various tweaks to the noise coefficients and the points at which the space is sampled from. The noise itself is sampled from the cartesian product of two circles, which happens to work out nicely to a 4d torus. It’s doughnuts all the way down!

eight bits of memory should be enough for everyone

August 2020

Two overlapping heptaracts (7D-cubes) projected onto the Coxeter plane (whatever that means) that together contain 256 possible states, i.e. 1 byte. This was actually just a test plot but I liked the look of it so much that I decided to keep it and hang it up!

dehydrated hurricane

July 2020

Drawn with a single line, this one is just a spiral with some noise and a few tricks to give the appearance of one of those fancy dry hurricanes that sometimes spin through the midwest.

blooming onion

May 2020

Onions are like onions, they have layers. This is a simple archimedes spiral plus simplex noise to perturb the radius for each of theta, giving it the wavy, oniony look.