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61B Roguelike Game

July 2, 2018
Tags: Java, Game, Berkeley

While the previous class related post was on the first project of CS61A, this is skipping straight to the second project of CS61B. There were 4 or 5 projects in between the two, but my main problem with them was that for the most part they were nothing more than fancy fill in the blank exercises. This project changed up that format by giving a ton of freedom to the students in terms of implementation.

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Cloud Vision App

April 15, 2018

Designed and built app to recognize objects and text in the user’s field of view and display relevant language translations. Built on top of Android OpenCV and Google’s Vision API. Designed and released overnight for SodaHacks 2018, earning finalist position out of 100+ competitors.

Tags: Java, Android, Open Source, Hackathon

  Portfolio (Coursework)
  Portfolio (Coursework)

Bear Maps

Course: CS61B (Data Structures)
Term: Spring 2018

This project consisted of three main parts:

  • Rasterize map tiles of backend and serve to the front end
  • Modify an XML parser to convert OpenStreetMap data for the city of Berkeley into appropriate data structures on the backend
  • Implement A* search to provide navigation directions

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Tags: Java, Berkeley, Visualization, Web