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Word Embedding Visualizer

November 25, 2019

Website that takes in user inputted tokens, performs a lookup for their corresponding embedding, performs PCA, and renders back the main components and their closest descriptions to the front-end. Intended to be used as a tool to introduce natural language embeddings to MBA students in MBA 261 (Graduate Marketing Research).

See the README of the Github repo for more details.

Tags: NLP, Visualization

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Hog Contest (Part 1)

June 1, 2018
Tags: Python, Berkeley, Visualization

The first project of my first CS class at Berkeley was to write the logic for a modified version of the dice game Hog. The game itself is pretty simple (roll die to score points, first to 100 wins), and the project was more a less just a warm-up to get everyone used to Python syntax and higher order functions. The extra credit option, however, was a bit more interesting.

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Bear Maps

Course: CS61B (Data Structures)
Term: Spring 2018

This project consisted of three main parts:

  • Rasterize map tiles of backend and serve to the front end
  • Modify an XML parser to convert OpenStreetMap data for the city of Berkeley into appropriate data structures on the backend
  • Implement A* search to provide navigation directions

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Tags: Java, Berkeley, Visualization, Web

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