Portfolio (Professional)

SWE Intern @California PATH

April 2019 - June 2019

I interned with Berkeley’s advanced transportation group PATH on their integrated dynamic transit operations project, which is currently partnering with BART and Alameda County to support enhanced transit operations including dynamic routing, ridesharing, and strategic dispatch. I worked on the interface for driver’s to receive and manage requests and the associated backend components to log responses and synchronize with dispatchers.


  • Designed and built flexible user interface for bus drivers to view and manage requests from potential passengers and affiliated transit agencies for dynamic routing
  • Integrated IoT input devices with onboard display device and server to create physical interface for operators
Tags: Transportation

  Portfolio (Professional)

Backend Developer @ Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies

November 2018 - May 2019

Worked in the Transportation Sustainability Research Center on data collection and APIs for two main projects:

  • American Truck Parking is a real-time parking database for long haul truckers along major U.S. highways. I automated some of the data entry tasks and added dynamic parking updates for ≈100 new parking locations. If you’re interested in policy this story explains the motivation for this project.

  • The Mobility Data Specification is trying to standardize an API for “dockless” bikes and scooters as an extension of the General Bikeshare Feed Specification. I worked on archiving data from these public feeds tracking the movements of over 10,000 shared vehicles in the U.S. and Europe

Tags: Transportation