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Data Engineer Intern @BOLD

June 2019 - August 2019

I interned at the career service company BOLD over the summer of 2019. This job was a really nice extension of some of the embedding projects I was doing earlier in the year for research and it was great to see the technique cropping on in an industry application!


  • Built backend of semantic search and recommendation system for LiveCareer’s job matching service, incorporated into data pipeline
  • Worked closely with data science team to build set of offline evaluation measures for information retrieval
  • Benchmarked new system against existing one, verified improved relevance and ~80% reduction in preprocessing time
Tags: Web, NLP

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January 10, 2019

A Pokemon Showdown! client for Python 3.4 and 3.5. This was written to make it easier to write bots, interact with users, moderate chat rooms, and collect data. Takes advantages of Py3’s async features to allow multiple connections over websockets, maintain IO channels, and to integrate with existing IRC bots.

Tags: Python, Data Collection, Web, Open Source

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Penetration Testing

Course: CS161 (Computer Security)
Term: Spring 2019

A close contender for my favorite security project. Students were handed an insecure webserver and tasked to find 7 exploits. It turns out breaking stuff is orders of magnitude more fun than making stuff!

Source | Specification

Tags: Python, Web, Berkeley

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Bear Maps

Course: CS61B (Data Structures)
Term: Spring 2018

This project consisted of three main parts:

  • Rasterize map tiles of backend and serve to the front end
  • Modify an XML parser to convert OpenStreetMap data for the city of Berkeley into appropriate data structures on the backend
  • Implement A* search to provide navigation directions

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Tags: Java, Berkeley, Visualization, Web

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